Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a social justice movement aimed at ending global poverty through ethical trade and consumerism. It allows artisans and farmers in developing nations to compete in the global market in a fair way. It is based on nine fair trade principles:

  • Create opportunities
  • Develop transparent & accountable relationships
  • Build capacity
  • Promote Fair Trade
  • Pay Promptly & fairly
  • Support safe & empowering working conditions
  • Ensure the rights of children
  • Cultivate environmental stewardship
  • Respect cultural identity

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Global Village Gifts is committed to paying artisans in third-world countries a fair price for the products they make. Our goal is to help these artisans provide for their families and improve their future rather than endure unemployment and substandard living conditions. While most for-profit corporations purchase merchandise at the lowest possible price at the expense of the artisan, Fair Trade organizations work to further the economic success of producers in developing countries.

Many of the artisans whose products we sell are women. According to the United Nations Development Program, women provide the primary support for a quarter of the world's families, and women are the sole support for another quarter. By purchasing merchandise at Global Village Gifts, you are contributing to better the lives of underprivileged artisan families in Asia, Africa and South, and Central America.




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