About Us

Global Village Gifts is a not-for-profit retail store featuring fairly traded handcrafts produced by artisans and farmers around the world. Our mission is two-fold: We educate the local public on the principles of Fair Trade, and we support artisans through the employment opportunities offered by Fair Trade.

Global Village Gifts opened to the public on November 7, 2003, under the umbrella of Ten Thousand Villages, Utah. In September 2005, with the blessing of Ten Thousand Villages, Utah, we separated to become Global Village Gifts, which is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation committed to promoting intercultural understanding.

Global Village Gifts is able to buy products at a fair price for the artisans, yet sell them at an affordable price for customers because the store is operated by volunteers. The volunteers interact with customers on the sales floor, display new merchandise, and teach the community about fair trade. Our mission would be impossible without these hard-working individuals who give their time and talents to support the Fair Trade mission.

Because Global Village Gifts is a non-profit organization, your purchase is tax-free.




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